jjs fine art photography original photographic prints

The above quote, from one of history's greatest artists and intellects, reflects a photographic philosophy that I believe in and still strive to practice since my earliest days behind a camera. In an age of incredible technology where image manipulation is all too common, it is my view that it is within the everyday reality that surrounds us, where true photographic art lies... it is just waiting to be unveiled by the camera. All my images begin with a seemingly ordinary subject. It is the ability to recognize, utilize, and compose the secondary elements that surround the primary subject such as color, shape, pattern, texture and light, that will elevate the image to an artistically aesthetic level, and transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

In the galleries that follow, it is my hope that you will see an image that is not only pleasing to your eye, but that will evoke a pleasant memory or mood as well, not only for you, but for guests and visitors to your home, business, or office.
Thank you for visiting the galleries of JJS Fine Art Photography...enjoy.

-John Jude Sullivan